To complete the registration process, you will need the following.

  • A passport type profile photo. The file must be square in dimension and no smaller than 160px X 160px.
  • Your ARN (as issued by CASA) OR your Membership Number (as issued by RAAus) [If you are a member of both, please enter your ARN]
  • Your mobile phone, as we send an SMS code that must entered to validate the mobile number.
  • A copy of your Pilot and/or Maintainers license or your RAAus Membership Card. This is required for proof of ID and certification purposes.
  • A copy of your handwritten signature (JPEG or PNG image format), for use as a digital signature. If you do not have a file, you can create one by writing your signature on a blank A4 sheet and scanning it to an image file.

    NOTE: Our server is secure and we do not share information or data with any other entities.

    NOTE: This is a regulatory requirement because should you ever have a need to print your records to paper format, then your signature will be inserted where you have digitally certified for entries made.
  • Upon completion of registration, an email will be sent with the login details. Our staff will verify your license/s, ARN and signature, according to CASA requirements. If they are not valid, the account will be cancelled.